Andr̩ Verdier Laguiole 24 pce Cutlery Set


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The Laguiole Story:

Similar to Champagne, Laguiole designates a style of cutlery rather than a brand name. The original Laguiole knife was a high-quality traditional Occitan pocket-knife, produced in the town of Laguiole in Southern France. There are a handful of producers of genuine French Laguiole cutlery, with one of the most refined manufacturers being Andr̩ Verdier.

What does 100% Made In France Mean?

  • All production steps of raw material are done in France
  • The blades, prongs & spoons are all stamped (and where necessary) heat treated in France
  • The resin handles are 100% shaped and finished in France
  • The assembly, finish, polish & quality control is 100% done in France
  • The packaging is sourced, manufactured and assembled in France.

Authentic Laguiole Cutlery must have:

Made in France etched (meaning 50% or more of the product is made in France); or,
100% made in France etched as in the case of Andre Verdier, all articles are 100% Made in France
Articles with the solo word France etched are inferior, it does not denote the country of origin.

Use & Care

To keep your Andre Verdier pieces looking as good as new, we recommend hand washing. The cutlery is dishwasher safe.